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˗ˏˋ ᵀᵃᵉ ᴬᵗᵉʰ ˎˊ˗ @taeateh@anti.energy

oh hell yeah! excited to see anti.energy back up!

Why so much confusion in the world? We need more profusion.

yeah, Mastodon also doesn't have the edit button, but at least there is a Delete and re-draft option ♥ very helpful

Boost this toot to promote digital communism.

Everytime I think I am following too many people, and I start looking for accounts to unfollow - I just end up following *more* people.

#Mastodon: engaging af

posting over here cause mastodon.social is falling down under the load...

Android is my least-favorite linux distribution.

@ocdtrekkie Github wiki, gists, user pages are all stored in git repos. Rest isn't. I don't know about the equivilants on Gitlab.

Also, github-backup.branchable.com/ pulls all the data into a branch (and backs up all repos you star or fork); I wrote it 6 years ago partly to demonstrate feasibiity, partly to not lose information when the inevitable github backlash happened.

git over houses linked with shoe strings and cans

Host your open source projects by printing patches on literal patches of paper and pinning them to the communal blackboard, like god intended

Due to a misconfiguration, the SSL cert for this instance failed to autorenew. Those responsible for the sackings have themselves been sacked.

Enby, are you a proliferator? Because you are any agent that causes proliferation.

@superbranch this is still my favorite domain to visit. just have too many accounts everywhere. how has hosting been going? how much do you end up spending on running this instance (if you don't mind me asking)