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catch me at @migratory while instance weirdness gets sorted

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catch me at @migratory while instance weirdness gets sorted

mockup of my new website Show more

my other mech is too expensive to put bumper stickers on

pizza box trackpad. uses pizza grease as capacitor electrolyte.

built a robot to convert replies into subtoots, call it the decadinator 3000

Yes, I'm packing.

*Does nothing but stare at rsync scroll by*

Britpol, but actually USpol could do with some of this.

people in long term stable relationships: *withering stare* a relationship isn’t everything you know *returns to partner to talk through their weaknesses elsewhere in life*
me, sitting in the dark with fists up: well I guess it’s just you and me, weaknesses

yeahhhhh just doing a spot check to see if we out here

been playing a bunch of recently, because there aren't enough video games called Oversomething yet

I don't know how anyone finds anything on google drive. My work one is just a mass of 300+ documents that people have shared in the last three years. Most which I looked at once then completely forgotten. But all stored in the same folder. If any of these documents were anything but ephemeral, it would drive me insane.