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Currently forcing myself to use weechat.

I will like this for sure at some point.

I wish I was actually good at programming

My university has to close a building block whenever there's a little wind due to the things almost collapsing.

Which is sad by itself, but then they send the reminder email that said buildings will be closed today only in German??

This seriously happens when you talk to people who used computers for some time around here. "No, computers can't do Γ„, just type Ae instead"

DNS v2 would be nice. Anecdote: If you want to have a domain with an umlaut (e.g. Γ„) around here, you effectively have to buy three domains:
- The one with the umlaut
- The one with the umlaut spelled as two letters (ae)
- The one with the umlaut without the dots (a)

People got used to the internet being shitty :/

@Gargron single white petrochemical/defense company seeks suburban helicopter parent for mutually satisfying relationship involving long drives on freeways

Nearly 10 years old, still so damn good open.spotify.com/album/056QtFU

(Not in any way related to former toots, lol)

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"And one more thing," says Tim Cook, a slight smile playing around the lips of his Persian cat.

"The Globally Secure Enclave"

He gestures at the walls of the Apple Auditorium, now sliding shut and bolting. Depleted uranium shutters rumble down.

"You are all now my... guests, for the duration of the Cleansing. It won't take long. The Signal has already been transmitted. When we step out in eight weeks' time, it will be into a gloriously empty world. A world we can make...

"Insanely great!"

@elomatreb I actually already have this.

I got it by jamming a fork /into/ my screen.

The irony is not lost on me

FOSS Idea:

a fork of ncurses that does everything normally but glitches letters/highlighting around randomly

Tech ludite level: The smartest device I carry around is a 6 year old Sony smartphone without a SIM card

Normally I don't mind spiders but seeing one the big house spiders (like roughly the palm of my hand, although that's probably small compared to some of the stuff in other regions) freaks me out.

They're completely harmless but I can hear them walk across the room D:

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