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But think about it, what knows the web better than electron?

And that's why we made a web browser based on it.

@theZacAttacks I read somewhere Mozilla uses Electron internally to prototype.

And like Brave (the browser from the Javascript guy) is actually based on it IIRC

@elomatreb I thought Brave was based on chromium? (which, tbh, is basically what electron is, right?)

@theZacAttacks It's even worse than I thought

It's based on their own custom Electron fork github.com/brave/muon

@elomatreb it seems that we're going down a rabbit hole that I'm not entirely comfortable exploring 😯

elomatreb 🐟 @elomatreb

@theZacAttacks Oh no

I found a worse thing

A terminal emulator built with Electron (with a claimed "focus on speed", lol)

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@elomatreb not gonna lie, looking through the project it actually seems cool, because of how extensible it is with hooks and themes.

That said, I still very much think it's silly to embed a terminal inside of a web renderer 🀷

@theZacAttacks Hot new idea for computers: Make normal and proper UI frameworks as easy to use and extensible as a full browser

@elomatreb @theZacAttacks what if.. instead of embedding the web into everything, we just COMPILED html to the actual used UI. We could still use HTML+CSS to build fancy UIs, and then have it natively fast without weird browser engine cruft!
(Also, fuck javascript that isn't loaded through http, we don't need that)

@zatnosk @theZacAttacks As long as it's easy I'd bet most developers would be willing to accept that, but by now people are using React-like frontend frameworks in Electron to build their websites, hard to precompile that.

Plus, GTK does *something* like that, at least for the styling part, and it's not really a shining example sadly

@elomatreb @theZacAttacks Someone knowledgeable recently told me that chromium is used at the core of electron. So they are not equivalent programs, they fulfill different functions.

@Maltimore @theZacAttacks Well, true, it's not a full Chromium, but still most of it (just with all the potentially helpful security features disabled), and that shows in the resource usage