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I crossed half the Rails book. Slow af but it's something. I'm getting more applied this week. :)

@aka Which one are you reading? Don't get too attached to old stuff if it covers the older versions of Rails (<5)

@elomatreb this one: https://www.amazon.com/Rails-Novice-Ninja-Build-Website/dp/0994347006 do you know if it is old already? Someone once told me that I should use the official docs, but I had started reading the book and everything there is working so far...
elomatreb 🐟 @elomatreb

@aka It covers Rails 5, and the general concepts didn't change all that much, so it's probably fine. Rails 5.1 had some interesting new features, like the webpacker integration, but they're purely additions (but the official guides are good as well: guides.rubyonrails.org/)

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@elomatreb cool! I was reading about webpack because of Pleroma and liked the idea. I'll check this out, thanks!