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PSA: I felt it was time for moving again, I'll now be tooting from @elomatreb

Sorry for the follow spam from me.

Will I break stuff/cause inconvenience for the admins of an instance by importing a 223 account following list?

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You know what gets you an instance block real quick? Complaining about people using instance blocks

hunt-and-peck keyboarding is so shitty. i could do 80 wpm, back when i had hands, so this feels really tedious. that last post took me over 10 min to type. this might be all i have patience for tonight.

the loneliness is the worst. i don't trust humans to react to me sensibly. corvids are plenty smart, but their culture and language are alien to me, and they can tell i’m not really one of them. they let me be, but make it clear they don't want me too close. i haven't had a real conversation in a long time.

staff at a local library have been forgetting to close a third floor vent window at night. i’ve become cautious about entering structures, because i could be trapped inside, but i’m lonely and i feel like reconnecting, and they have computers here.

You try to do something simple, like trying to learn how to properly install Archlinux in a VM.

You end up with hard crashing Xorg for no reason.

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Update: It was a fucking bad connection with the SATA wire apparently. I got the weirdest errors on boot about how it couldn't read H/C/S values, but I could access the data from Linux just fine.

Fixed by replugging the SATA cable once. Computers 🤷

Related: The smartctl output is a great example of terrible CLI UX. I have to look up how to read the damn values table every time I use it

Ok, selftest says it's OK (despite 19k power on hours Oo)

Mh, did I break my bootloader or has my Windows SSD failed

The latter would suck

Sentences discussing physical quantities measured in units like Teratesla are good sentences

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